Holiday Season Gift Ideas. Family History.


gifts- scannerYes, with November and then December, you might be starting to think of holiday gifts. For anyone on your list who is doing any type (large scale or small) of family history research — the following are some good ideas. These gifts would be great for you also. Drop a few hints.

Number one would be a portable scanner. There are several types but the key is to make sure it is easy to use, can be carried easily and produces great scans. It can go to a library, a relative’s home, a museum, to scan documents, photos, postcards, letters, books, journals, most anything. Many individual do not want the photo or item out of their sight. If you bring the scanner – it is a done deal to get the digital image. If the item you want a digital copy is more 3D such as a special serving dish of an ancestor, you need to take a photo with a camera for that. But a scanner is excellent to have.

A subscription to a genealogical database the person is interested in. It could be,, or

gifts- hard driveKeeping the family research on a computer is great, but one does have to backup their work (documents, photos, research, etc.). The best way to gift someone an external hard drive so their research can be placed on another device and stored in another location – safe.

Gift the person a tablet and / or a digital vocal recorder that they can take with them when visiting a relative to interview them. Either can provide the answers to questions written out on the tablet or spoken into the recorder and transcribed later.

gifts-wall treeA type of family tree display to showcase family photos for each relative is another good idea. There are small table top size or large full wall displays available. It is a good way to share one’s research and ancestors with other family members or visitors to the house.

Photos: Scanner, hard drive and wall family tree.

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