Homemaker Gadgets of the 1960s

Many of our female ancestors (mothers, grandmother and aunts) still remained at home as homemakers in the 1960s. Also in the 1960s came on the market, new and labor-saving devices for the homemaker. See if you remember any of these devices.

The wall-mounted spice rakes or shelves. There were several same-sized containers all labeled to which the homemaker filled with the named spice.

The vacuum clearer became portable, it all fit into a small container, the hoses, etc. Keep all the parts in one container was good, easy to carry but putting it all back exactly could be a problem.

Popular were the pull out stovetops. It made reaching pans on the back burners easier to reach.

Really popular and they became very common were folding TV trays. That way each person had their own eating tray when the family sat in front of the TV to eat instead of a dining table.

A home hair dryer was in every home. It had its own carrying case in which all the parts fit. To dry the lady’s hair all up in curlers, there was a big bonnet to cover the head and a hose connected to force warm air in to dry the hair.

New in the 1960s was the electric tabletop skillet-roasting pan and cover. It was hooked up to an electric plug, so if it reach it could cook and warm the meal right at the table.

Photo: 1960s Spice Rack

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