Hometown Traditions at Christmas Time

Christmas- traditions (1)Just like our ancestors had different traditions and customs within their own family, so would each hometown vary in how their celebrated the holidays.

One tradition that is found throughout the decades in the 20th and into the 21st centuries is that of Christmas parades, many of which have carried on this traditions for 60 plus years. There will be the local high school bands playing plus a variety of floats making their way down the parade route.

Your relatives and ancestors more than likely participated in the parade or at least stood along the sidelines to watch the festivities. Review the family photo collections and see what is there. Christmas- traditions (2)

Also done in hometowns was a community Christmas tree. There will be decorations put up along the streets or in the city parks. Even if you don’t have family photos of those events, check with the hometown’s local museum for any such images.

Checking in your own collections and with other relatives could produce a variety of images over the years of Christmas’ past. This holiday tends to be the one with the most photos taken.  Lowery Christmas

Photos: Hometown Christmas parade in 1959 with high school band, a little girl waiting to talk to Santa, and a family gathering at Christmas about 1947.

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