How Did A Couple Meet?

Don’t miss an opportunity to answer this family question. The best source is the couple themselves or at least one of the spouses. This should also be answered by yourself – the researcher, write of how you met your spouse. Even if a couple separated or divorced, the information on how they met should be noted. There can be some really interesting backstories of such meetings.

The write-up does not need to long, just get the time period, the events and actions of how a couple met. Here is an example. I had asked my mother years ago that question. Both my parents as single individuals were in the US Armed Forces during World War 2 and afterwards. My father was a Capt in the US Air Force and my mother a LT in the Women’s Army Corps.

As does happen for the military individuals they are stationed in different locations and when a national election happens are assigned to a location and they vote there. That was the case for my parents. My father was stationed in Florida in 1948 and my mother in Virginia. However, my father was sent to Virginia on other duties and was instructed to vote in the November general presidential election of 1948 at a Virginia military base.

My father did have friends there and it was arranged by those friends who also knew my mother, the WAC LT, that after voting that election morning, they would all meet for breakfast. That is how my parents meet. It was a very successful meeting because even after my father returned to his Florida base, they telephoned, wrote letters and met up in person a few times. Just 6 months later, they decided to marry and did so on April 27, 1949.

So every couple on your family has an interesting story of how they met. Talk to living relatives now, get their story and also ask if they know of how other family members who have passed away met. They just might know.

Photos: Couples of 1880; 1900 and 1925.

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