How Did They Meet??

Think about it !  Do you know how your parents met? Were they introduced by mutual friends, did they accidentally run into each other, classmates, were they co-workers – there are a million different stories of how a couple first met.

This becomes you chore now, to learn how your parents met. If both or one is alive, no problem, just asked and get as many details as possible. Maybe either one already told you the story but you never wrote about it or included it with the family history – now is the time.

But if you do not know how and they are now alive, check for sure with any of their siblings (your aunts-uncles) they may well know the event of how your parents met. If no luck there, do check with your siblings, especially any older siblings or cousins, they have been told the meeting circumstances. Review any family letters, journals, diaries – any of which just might have the answer. 

Investigate if your parents ever worked for the same company, store or business at approximately the same time. In a family hometown, see if they were classmates in school or lived near each other. You will need to investigate and see if there is any link.

If you are successful with parents, do try grandparents .. you just find how they met also. Talk to your siblings and aunts and uncles of how they met their spouse and write it down for future generations. 

A few years before my sister passed away I wrote out her life story by asking her questions including how she met her husband for future generations. Here is how my sister Carol met her husband:

As a nursing assistant in a hospital part of Carol’s duties included preparing the patient for bed; giving baths, making them comfortable and offering back massages. One night, her patient, William “Bill” F. Teepe, age 26, a Vietnam veteran, was recovering from a gunshot to his leg he acquired from a would-be robber. The tall, handsome Bill had requested a back massage of his youthful nurse. After she finished with her good hands-on massage, she asked if there was anything else he requested. He replied, “How about a frontal massage now?” To that question, Carol quickly turned away, and then glanced back over her shoulder with a firm answer of “No !” and continued out the door.

Over the several days and nights, Bill remained in the hospital he got to know his young nursing assistant a little better. He made a point to get her phone number before he was discharged. She agreed to go on a date with Bill, a worker for Southern Bell, a short time later. The first date consisted of playing pool and getting something to eat. They both enjoyed each others’ company and soon dated on a regular basis.

See how many relatives and ancestors you can find out how they met their spouses.  

Photos: Meeting and dating a future spouse.

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