How Much Do You Look Like an Ancestor ?

If you have studied some of the family photos from any time frame notice a striking similarity with a living relative. Your niece, a sister, uncle etc living today could very well look like a great-grandmother, a great uncle, or 2nd cousin. After all, it is in the genes one’s characteristics.

Some of the similar appears could be their physical features or just their facial expressions. Maybe the same nose or ears, hair color or style, such as curly. Some of these similarities can be almost scary, like a person from the past living today.

It can also be a living relative today looks like two different ancestors. That relative has the hair of one ancestor but the facial appearance of another. Or one with the height and body type of one ancestor and the total facial appearance of different ancestors. 

What can be even stranger is a stranger who looks like another living person or an ancestor? This is ‘doppelganger’. It’s an age-old belief with a strange appeal that somewhere on this planet, alive today, is someone who looks like you — maybe not precisely, but close enough to be your double, your doppelganger. It can be fascinating to imagine.

Take some time and start doing some comparisons. With the Thanksgiving, Hanukkah and Christmas holidays, it is a great time to look over those photos, get some other family members to review also – see what you can find. You can even ‘stitch’ the two images together.

Photos: Grandmother and her granddaughter and great-grandfather and his great-grandson.

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