How to Combine Genealogy and Social Media

How to Combine Genealogy and Social Media   You can find more How to Blogs at www.FamilyTree.comToday, many people use social media to keep in touch with friends and family or to post a photo of what they had for dinner. It is entirely possible to do so much more with your social media. Here are a few ideas about how to combine genealogy and social media. Pick the one you use the most and try some of these ideas.


Join a group that is about genealogy. You will have to look for it. There could be a group page for a local genealogy group. Or, you might find a group based on a genealogy website or conference. This is a good place to meet people who also enjoy genealogy. You could learn something new!

Create an event page and use it to organize your next family gathering. Make a post that gives details about when and where you want to hold the gathering. Invite your family members to the event through the page. This will give you a list of how many are going to attend, how many cannot attend, and how many “might” attend. Everyone can leave comments with ideas, suggestions, and solutions.

Follow the page of a podcast that focuses on genealogy. This gives you an easy way to know when their newest episode has been posted. It also enables you to leave comments for the podcasters. There may be a community of people who all listen to that podcast and “talk” on the podcast’s Facebook page.


Make a list called “genealogy”. When you come across a Twitter account that is a genealogy podcast, genealogy magazine, or genealogist – put them on that list. This gives you an easy way to find them again when you want to. You don’t have to follow a Twitter account in order to put it in a list. The list acts as a filter for when you want to read tweets related to genealogy.

Post a link to your genealogy blogs on Twitter when each new blog is published. You can do this manually, or there could be a setting in your blog that will do it for you automatically.

Use the search on Twitter and type in #genealogy. This will bring up a bunch of posts that are about genealogy. Its a treasure trove! Retweet the ones you find most useful and share them with others.

Live tweet the next genealogy conference you attend!


Are you new to Pinterest? Follow to see a good example of how to make your Pinterest about genealogy. At a glance, you can get ideas for boards of your own and find links to a lot of blogs that are here at Go ahead and pin the ones you like onto your boards.

Make a board with the title of your genealogy blog and start pinning your best posts into it. This is a good way to give people another opportunity to find the tips, tricks, and family stories you want to share.

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