How to Find Genealogy Webinars


How to Find Genealogy WebinarsHave you ever gone online and watched a webinar? Now may be a good time to check one out. A webinar is sort of like a short video that teaches a person something specific about a particular topic. There are plenty of them out there that genealogists can access for free. Here are some tips about how to find genealogy webinars.




The easiest way to find the webinars that are offered for free at FamilySearch to go to their website and read their blog. (You might want to use the blog’s search engine and type in the word webinar for best results). They will post blogs that list upcoming webinars.


Many, if not all, of the webinars offered by FamilySearch take place at the Family History Library. Some require registration. All of them are free. This is great for people who happen to live nearby, but less than ideal for those who live too far away to make traveling to it a reasonable option.


The webinars that are available at are archived. You can sort them by date. The list either starts at the oldest ones (from 2008) or the newest ones (from 2012). Pick a topic that you are interested in and click the “Watch Video” button. The webinar will immediately start playing. You do not have to have an membership to access these webinars.




MyHeritage has a selection of genealogy webinars on a wide variety of topics. Some have had over 200 views. One webinar is about their mobile app. Another focuses on A.J. Jacobs and his “largest family reunion”.


Several webinars offer tips that can improve your success at seeking what you are looking for in your genealogy research. MyHeritage also has a selection of video tutorials that will help you to navigate your way through the MyHeritage website and to use it to its fullest extent.


FamilyTree Magazine


FamilyTree Magazine offers a selection of recorded webinars that can be viewed for free. They also have a long list of webinars that are no longer offered for free but that can be purchased in their online store. You might need to register before you can view a webinar.


Legacy Family Tree


You can watch some of the webinars at Legacy Family Tree for free. They are offered for free up through seven days after the webinar event took place. (Some of them appear to be free long after that timeframe has passed.)


There are helpful “tags” attached to the webinars on their website that are free. Some show the date that the webinar will no longer be free to view. Webinars that are no longer offered for free require you to become a Legacy Family Tree member before you can view them. You can, however, watch a preview to get a glimpse into what a certain webinar is about.


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