How to Re-Create an Old Family Photo

Recreated family photoYou have probably seen at least one or two blogs that feature a re-created family photo. The concept has become very popular. The simplest way to explain it is that a family locates a photo from when the children where young. Then, they dress up in similar clothing, stage the same poses, and re-create the family photo after the children have grown up.

The result is often amusing! There are outfits, facial expressions, and poses that we think are cute when children do them in photos. Those same things don’t look quite right on adults! It is difficult to view a set of re-created family photos without smiling.

At the same time, these types of photo sets are heartwarming. It is clear that the people in the photo have remained close to each other. All of them wanted to put in the effort to re-create a moment in the past that they shared together.

If you plan ahead, it is possible to have many people in your family tree all set out to re-create an old family photo. Assign one person to collect them all and put them together in a simple slideshow style video. The tech-savvy member of the family can whip one up in no time. This slideshow will be the hit of your next family reunion.

Here is a step by step process that will help you to re-create an old family photo with your relatives.

Step One: Flip through the old photo albums and look for a photo that shows at least one parent and two or more siblings doing something together. For best results, select a photo that shows the children when they were infants, toddlers, or preschoolers. Consider the background and “props” that the photo requires. Avoid scenes that will be impossible to re-create!

Step Two: Talk everyone who was in the original photo into participating in a re-creation of it. Most people will find it fun. Everyone needs to find clothing that resembles the clothes they were wearing in the original photo. Try and find the closest match possible. If all else fails, find clothes that have the same colors (even if they don’t have the exact same patterns).

Step Three: You will need one more person to take the photo. It should be someone who was not in the photo you are trying to re-create. Take a moment to teach that person how to use your camera, smartphone, or tablet to take a photo.

Step Four: Now, you are ready to mimic the pose, facial expression, and body language that you expressed in the original photo. Try not to laugh (unless, of course, you were laughing in the original photo). If you like, you can run the new photo through some filters or editing software in order to make the quality of the light match.

Image by Tom French on Flickr.

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