How to Use the Pinterest Page

Thumb tacks by Tony L. Wong on FlickrMany people think of Pinterest as a place to find photos of food, weddings, and craft projects. It is also a wonderful resource for genealogists and family historians! You can find a wealth of information on the Pinterest Page.

What is Pinterest? It has been described as a virtual bulletin board. In order to use it, you need to make your own Pinterest account. It is free to do and does not take very long. Log in, and you will be able to browse through all the stuff that is on Pinterest.

It is a good idea to start by creating a board. Give it a title that makes sense to you. For example, you could title it Genealogy or Family History. This is where you will “pin” the genealogy related things that caught your attention on Pinterest.

There are several different boards on the Pinterest page. Each one is a different category. Browse through and find a topic that interests you. You can make your decision based on the title, or by choosing the one that has the most pins. The more pins that a board has, the more items that are attached to it. Many people find themselves clicking on a pin just because they liked the photo that went with it. All of these are valid ways to search through the Pinterest page.

Click on a board that you like. It will open up and show all of the pins that are inside that board. Many of them will come from articles that you can find at (Others come from resources outside our website). Next, click on one of those pins. Look below the image, and you will see a link that will bring you to where the full article can be found at

Did you find that article to be helpful? There is an easy way to keep track if it. Go back to the Pinterest page (by clicking the back arrow on your browser). You should now be looking at the pin that caught your attention. Above the image, there is a bright, red, button that says “Pin it”. Click that button!

A window will pop up that asks you to pick one of your boards. Choose the one that you titled Genealogy or Family History by using the drop down box to select it. Next, hit the “Pin it” button that appears on the pop-up. Wait a second or two, and you will be brought right back to the pin that you were looking at on the Pinterest page. Want to view that article again? You can do so with just a couple of clicks directly from your Pinterest page.

You can also easily keep up to date with specific boards by clicking the “Follow” button that appears under the images for that board. Doing so will put all of the newly pinned things from that board into your Pinterest Feed. Want to have all the pins from the Pinterest in your Feed? The easiest way to do that is to click the “Follow All” button on our Pinterest page.

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