Ice Cream Favorite

An American favorite has been ice cream. In the early 1920s, ice cream had a new spin on it, the creation of the Klondike bar. It was also in the United Kingdom and called ‘Choc Ice’. Either way it was vanilla ice cream frozen into a block shape and covered in melted chocolate.

The process of making the chocolate bars changed over the years. Eventually, blocks of ice cream moved on a conveyor belt and run under a waterfall of melted chocolate, a row of 14 at a time.

Some form of ice cream goes back to Roman times and to the Far East with China.

Quaker colonists of Pennsylvania introduced ice cream to America. It was a favorite of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and Ben Franklin. The most popular favors were vanilla and chocolate.

The use of a cone to hold and eat with the ice cream came with the 1904 World’s Fair held in St. Louis, Missouri. An ice cream vendor at the fair ran out of cardboard dishes. The vendor at the Syrian waffle booth next door, unsuccessful in the intense heat, offered to make cones by rolling up his waffles for the ice cream to go into.

For children in the 1950s and beyond have loved the ice cream man, who traveled the neighborhood streets in a truck that had a variety of ice cream treats for sale. Everyone remembers seeing and hearing the ice cream trucks playing a tone so you knew they were nearby.

Photo: 1950s ice cream truck.

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