Ideas for Scanning Family Photos

Having your family photos digitized is more relevant than ever due to the hurricanes and natural disasters that might strike anyone – anytime. If pictures are scanned and uploaded to the cloud, placed on a disc, flash drive or external drive and placed in a safe location you can save those photos for decades. Remember to get scanned negatives and slides also. Digital copies can also be made of VHS tapes and 8 / 16 mm film.

So that is done with having a home scanner, using your smartphone to scan, using a professional scanning company (such as ‘ScanMyPhotos‘), or use the scanners available for your use at a local Family History Center. That is a good location for getting your documents scanned also (you do the work and the equipment supplied by Family History Center.

Of course, not just scanning the photos, negatives or slides but you HAVE to label and provide information. Putting a family name in the image title is good. Scanning them as JPEG you can right click on the image and see a long list of things to do related to the photo. At the bottom is ‘Properties’ where you click on it, then go to the top tab tilled ‘Details’, click on that and now click to the right of ‘Comments’ and you can add the details about the photos (names, dates, location, etc). That info stays with the image.

Not only preserving your photos you can share them with family, you can safe guard them on a flash or drive in a safe deposit box or another location plus have hundreds of photos at your finger tips on a small device.

Photos: Flatbed Scanner, Smart Phone, and Handheld portable scanner.

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