Ideas for the New Year 2014

2014A fresh start, a new year and a great opportunity to achieve some genealogical goals relating to your family history. First, have a positive attitude. Researching our ancestors is extremely rewarding, but does require patience and continuing to be persistent in your quest.  If you believe you can collect, organize, save and share all the family history in a few days, you are mistaken. It does take time and the benefits it does offer are so gratifying.

Next, create a to-do list, if you don’t have one already. It doesn’t need to be long or detailed but rather it helps you focus in on any specific areas you do need to spend time on.  For example, you have your grandmother’s (your mother’s mother) name, her birth date and death date, but that is it.  Now there is so much more that can be learned about her.  A great starting point is to interview any relative or even friends that may have known her.  So on the to-do list, just place some names of people you can set up an appointment with to interview. Concentrate on the grandmother but have some additional names that person might also know to ask questions on.

The third is to identify those photos which have no name written on them. Examine the clothing styles and any background to narrow in the time period.  Check the pedigree chart you already have to collect possible names. Comparing the ages of individuals from the chart with what age that person in the photo is a big help.  You can scan the photo and send copies to other relatives for any suggestions of whom they think the unidentified person might be.  Again, don’t try to identify all those unknown images, just selection 2 to 3 of the most interesting ones.

Fourth idea to is join a local genealogical society.  Such a wealth of information can be obtained because these societies maintain a storehouse of books, databases, references and aids to assist anyone with ancestors in any region.  You could also join a genealogy society of the hometown where most of your ancestors lived. It can be like tapping into an ‘oil field’ of information.

The final idea for the New Year, if you have not done so yet, is to visit the local Family History Center.  A truly world-wide depository of genealogical information at your fingertips.  If the local center doesn’t have a certain database or microfilm, it can be ordered for your use within a week or so. With some 4,500 centers around the globe and a knowledgeable volunteer staff, you really need to make sure you visit a Family History Center in the New Year.

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Loren 31/12/11

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Clara 31/12/11

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Ariane 31/12/11

I have to laugh whenever I see 'interview the oldest person in your family' because 'I AM THE OLDEST PERSON' and I am also the family genealogist! So I guess I could just interview myself!lol
Madolyn Hayne 31/12/11

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