Ideas to Stimulate Writing Your Life Story

Doing your ancestors’ family tree and their stories are fascinating. Yet you should also take a bit of time to get your own life story started for future generations. Wouldn’t you have loved such a document from your great grandfather – his life, trials, hardships, joys, interests, and achievements?

Take that time to write out some of your own life, everyday routines. You don’t need to do a complete family with your own stories, instead, retell incidents from your past that you’ll never forget that made your today. Here are some examples of more unusual items to include, remember you might be the only one to know this information.

Being of a specific birth order (first born, youngest, an only child, etc), how do you think it affected your up-bring?

The house you grew up in, where was it and what was it like. As a child, if the family moved a good deal, write about a few of the homes you lived in.

An important item; your biggest struggle as a youngster or young adult. Were you a non-sports person, did you have vision problems, were you shy?

Was there a family secret you discovered during your childhood or much later? How did that make you feel to uncover that secret?

Write about your best achievement; as a child, teenager, young adult and middle age adult. Provide details about that accomplishment and how you felt.

Was there a family trip or vacation you most remember? Did the family usually vacation in the same place? What was your best memory about those vacations?    The key is to get these down in writing now. They can be perfected later. 

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