Illustrations of Ancestors' Occupations

As you have collected information on your ancestors one of the biggest addition is finding out what occupation that ancestor held. As you go back in time, many of those jobs no longer exist so most people have no idea what they are.

Through the efforts of Emily Kowalski Schroeder with her genealogical site titled ‘Growing Little Leaves‘, she has put together a collection of public domain illustrations of many of the traditional occupations of our ancestors.

In a PDF formation that can be downloaded, there are ten pages with four job illustrations per page that can be used to enhance your family history. To write your great grandmother was a ‘milk maid’ what did that mean? Or a great uncle was the town crier? With the illustrations, it explains it a little better. 

Photos: 1860 seamstress (woman who sewed clothes); and 1900 fish monger (man who sold fish on the street).

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