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Knowing more about your specific family and its heritage also means learning more about the family hometown. Using postcards, local libraries, museums can prove to be excellent resources in discovering about the place your ancestors call home.

There is also a long-standing published series of books by Arcadia Publishing which might just have that extra bit of information including photos you need. You could even be surprised by finding a photo or two of your family’s neighborhood, business, church, school or even your relatives.

For over twenty-fives years Arcadia Publishing has had local historian gather photos and do the research on countless counties, small towns and larger cities across the nation. There are 7,704 different titles now in their series ‘Images of America’. 

Go to the site for ‘Images of America‘ and you will be able to scroll down as you browse the hundreds of titles. Just a few of book titles include: Richmond, Indiana; Union County, S.C.; South River, N.J.; New Milford, Connecticut; or Aurora, Ohio. There are also a few provinces of Canada.

Use the filter tabs at the top and look at states to see which counties and towns are available. Also search by subject. Many of these books are sold in national bookstores such as Barnes and Noble or on sites such as Amazon or eBay but you can also order directly from Arcadia Publishing.

If you do locate a book from the Images of America series, it would be very beneficial to have it to learn about a family hometown. 

Photos: Stuart, FL; Victorville, CA; Frederick Co., MD; and Eastern Sevier Co., TN

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