Images of Tennessee - 1937-1976

If you have ancestors from Tennessee or who lived any time in that state, you will want to look over and maybe use some of the vintage photos covering 1937 to 1976 in your family history. This great collection is online and search-able. There are many topics to select from; including buildings, people, historical sites, cities & towns; industries and many more.

Covering 40 years there are many regions and events to view. Each image you can view, enlarge and download to your computer. Below each photo is any information and date of the image.

These are the type of images to include in your family history. If your family lived in Memphis there are some good early photos of the town. If your ancestors were farmers, many photos showing that work in Tennessee.

Look over the site, you just might something of interest.

Photos: Bears in the Great Smoky MTS in 1946; Downtown Memphis in 1953; and view of the old train depot in Davidson Co.

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