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Just like the United States National Archives has a wonderful collection of online images spanning many decades, so does the National Archives of the U.K.  If a researcher has any family ancestors originally from England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland this image library of the National Archives of the U. K. is well worth viewing.

The image library is divided into categories. The following are the different topics:

Buildings and Factories, Colonial and Empire, Crime, Design, Entertainment and Theatre, Events and Exhibitions, First World War, Manuscripts, Maps, Medical, Military, Mining, People, Piracy, Places, Politics,Second World War, Slavery, Transport and Travel and Victoriana.

Such a selection covers just about every aspect of British life for over a hundred years. For example, Victoriana is a collection of everyday household products, sports, recreation and fashion of the late Victorian era. With the Entertainment section are the noted entertainers of the early 20th century including America’s  Colonel William ‘Buffalo Bill’ Cody.

In the category of Medical are examples of the types of patent medicines used, the inside of early hospitals as well as a poster advising citizens of Liverpool the danger of smallpox in 1851.  With the Manuscript section are images of early drawings, signatures and writings dating back 1086 A. D.

Each of the thumbnail size images can be enlarged for easier viewing. The National Archive of the U. K. does provide a service of digitally copying at high resolution the original image for a charge of 10 British pounds each. The images can be placed on a CD and sent to the requestor or sent as an email attachment.

Just viewing the selection of images can offer some insight into the lives of our British ancestors.

The image above is an advertisement for a typical product sold around 1900 in England.  It includes a bit of humor.

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