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Learning what is the best and most efficient method to research your ancestors is very important. There are always new ideas of how to look for information on your relatives. Using the Bingham Young University, they have offered many online free courses for anyone to use.

If you are just beginning your family tree you will want to start with “Introduction to Family History Research”. Here listed to the left will be a brief outline of the course, how to setup for the course on your own computer and then ‘Begin the Course’.

Another course offered by Bingham Young University is “Helping Your Children Love Family History” which is valuable information at any time.


To learn more about the difference and use of Vital Records and Family Records in your research, two separate courses online for each are offered.

Going beyond the United States, you may have had ancestors originally from Germany. The Bingham Young University also offers a family history course on research in Germany. The same procedure, the course is explained, a setup done and then you begin the course. Other homeland courses are offered, including France, Scandinavian countries and the Huguenots.

Its free and just might provide the ‘edge’ on understanding and improving your family history research.

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