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It can be great fun exploring and trying to find your lineage or create a complete family tree. But it can also be difficult if you are not quite sure you are doing the research in the right direction. You don’t want to later find out you were looking up names of people who were not your ancestors.

So if you feel you need help, it is available. First, check if there is a Family History Center in your community, close to where you live. Use the Family History Centers – across the globe online site to narrow down your location and see if any Family History Centers are near you. Do also a Google search with ‘Family History Center’ and the county and state you live in. Once you locate a center near you check on its time and days it is open and staffed. Here you will get that one-on-one assistance. Bring any information – names-dates-location you already have, even if there are question marks on some.

The same goes for locating a local genealogical society. There may be one in your county or a neighboring county. Use the Google search again, placing genealogical society and the county – state names. Remember these societies help free of charge for any location (United States, Canada, Europe or other global places) that your ancestors may have lived. Do bring any information you already have.

These are two excellent locations to get in-person assistance. They are not doing the work, just pointing you in the right direction and helping with resources.

Photos: Martin County Genealogy Society and Family History Center in Martin County.

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