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Researching about your ancestors can be a challenging and rewarding activity, one that will benefit living relatives today and future descendants. I have an example in my own family lineage, an ancestor who in the early 1880s, sent hand-written letters to all the relatives he could locate to provide him with information for the family tree – grandmothers, cousins, aunts and uncles. However, one of the most important items he did include in the book he produced about the family lineage was information about himself. (That book had many copies produced, so copies and now digital formats are still available over a hundred years later.)

Born in 1832 he did serve as a medical doctor in the Union Army during the Civil War. Just to include those stories would be great but he did write of all his life experiences up to his early 50s. Such a treasure that book is and even doing research on the ancestors in the 21st century shows he was accurate in the details he learned. Of course, his own personal life stories are filled with details. So one of the most important aspects necessary in any family history is to include the researcher – themself.

Include when you begin writing about yourself is: your full name and any nicknames; your place of birth and when – include also your siblings. In your life write of the influence from those of the family who were nearby such as grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc.

Write about your childhood years, especially if the family moved. Write about the schools you attended and anything special of the time in school (in a band, acted in a play, sports, won an award, an injury, etc). Continue schooling if you went to college and how that was for you, the friends you met. Write of the churches you attended and if you served in some form for the church. Include if you suffered from any childhood diseases (measles, chickenpox, flu, etc) or had any other injuries such as a broken arm.

One of the most enjoyable aspects people like to learn is how you met your future spouse. How long did you date, what was the wedding like, when and where?

Your career or various jobs you had are always of interest. Include if there was any special training needed. If you become a parent, write of your children, their births and names.

Fit into your life story the items that no one else would know about. How about the time you so misbehaved – give details. Or write of your most memorable event or the person you met. Then write if there is anything you redo or eliminate from your life – what is that?

Hopefully, these few ideas will inspire you to include yourself and the details in the family history.

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