Inspiration Needed to Write a Family History Story

Yes, it sounds difficult to start writing down family stories, but sometimes all you need is a concept or theme to kick-start the process.

So here are a couple of ideas to get started.

You may have or someone else in the family one or two family heirlooms. It could be jewelry, furniture, wall hangings, clothing, anything is possible – all saved one generation after another. That is how to start, select one of those family heirlooms and write about the item and the original owner and any interesting events related to it. The story might only be a page, say 500 words but there you are, a family story.

The heirloom I wrote about related to my ancestors was an 1857 four-poster double bed given as a wedding gift to my 2nd great grandmother. It was made of cherry wood from trees on the family farm in Pennsylvania and later handed down to descendants including myself when I was a teenager. I have had it ever since.

Select just one of your ancestors you have found to be very interesting. Focus and gather as much information from records, documents and especially newspaper articles as possible. Include everything !! Write about just that one person and include your own opinion of why the ancestor is so fascinating.

Family photo, there is always one special family photo that intrigues you. Do the necessary research of who, when and where is involved in that photo. It might a family storefront, an ancestor at their job, an ancestor in a military uniform, or a house owned by the family. Write about everything you have found related to that photo. Any names and dates of the people in the photo are important. My favorite photo is of my grandfather, a dentist in Maryland who was known in the 1910s and 1920s as the ‘gentle dentist – no pain’. So the photo is of him working on a patient.

So here a few ideas you serve as an inspiration to kick-start writing some of your family histories. Suggest these ideas to other family members.

Photos: 1857 Antique Bed and Dr. David Everhart in 1910.

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