Instant Chemistry DNA Kits Reveal Relationship Compatibility

Instant Chemistry DNA Kits Reveal Relationship Compatibility  Find more genealogy blogs at FamilyTree.comWhat qualities do you look for in a romantic partner? Many people can think of physical qualities that they find attractive. People also tend to want a partner to match their own personal religious, political, and social views. A company called Instant Chemistry believes the key to finding a good romantic partner is by having the potential couple submit to a DNA test.

Some people marry their high school sweethearts. Others start a friendship with someone they met online – and that friendship becomes a romantic relationship. At first, everything is going well. But, how can you be certain that the two of you are meant to be together?

Instant Chemistry offers a DNA testing kit that could provide anxious couples with the answer to that question. Anyone who is interested can order a DNA kit for themselves, and a second one for their partner. It is important that people register the DNA kits when they receive it in the mail. The kit requires each individual to provide a saliva sample. Mail the sample back to Instant Chemistry, and wait for the results.

Instant Chemistry will provide the people who took their DNA test with their compatibility results. It is provided online through a secure portal. The test takes into account three types of relationship compatibility.

Psychological compatibility is when a person’s core character meshes well with their partner’s core character. Neurocompatibility reveals whether or not two people have differences in how their neurotransmitters affect their emotional state. If you, and your partner, don’t match in how you process serotonin, oxytocin, and dopamine, this could lead to relationship conflict. (Or, so says Instant Chemistry).

Biocompatibility is the third factor that is taken into account. “Complementary genes result in a higher level of physical attraction and a higher likelihood of a long-term stable relationship”. Instant Chemistry takes these three types of compatibility into account, and uses a DNA test to determine how compatible two people are.

Using a DNA test to discover if two people are compatible is something new. In the past, your relatives probably married someone who lived near them. They married their high school sweetheart, or the person they dated in college.

In the past, it was not uncommon for arranged marriages to happen. (Some cultures still do this today). Couple compatibility was not a factor that was considered. There are people who got married because a matchmaker put them together.

The main reason why some people are interested in DNA tests like Instant Chemistry is because it does something that matchmakers, dating websites, and blind dates cannot do. It attempts to quantify how compatible a couple is. Some people need that data in order to pursue a relationship.

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