International Beer Day

The first Friday of August is reserved as International Beer Day. It is celebrated by people in over 50 nations across the globe. The enjoyment of this drink – BEER – dates back to 6,000 B.C. Over the decades many varieties of beer have been developed.

This holiday was started by the Association of California Brewers in 2007. Today there is a web site for the International Beer Day.

The English Pilgrims on the Mayflower ship in 1620 had to have barrels of beer (English ale) along with water on the ship for the long trip across the Atlantic. When the water went bad – unsafe to drink, but the fermented beer remained safe to drink. This safer drink was consumed even after settlement at Plymouth.

Going back further than the Pilgrims, alcohol consumption was a way of life for the colonists long before Jamestown, was founded as the first permanent English settlement in the New World. Beer, cider and other relatively weak fermented beverages were an important liquid for consumption.

Other immigrants to the wilderness of America were also fond of beer (Germans, French, Irish, Scots, etc). So the brewing of beer and consumption has always been an important aspect of your ancestor’s life. You may have had brewmasters in your family tree.

Photos: International Beer Day and brewing of beer in colonial Jamestown.

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