Interview a Town's Natives

In Stuart, Florida, at the downtown Stuart Heritage Museum, every Wednesday morning is the gathering of the ‘Old Timers Social’. Started several years ago, everyone is invited to attend and meet with other long-time residents and especially natives of Stuart. With the city incorporated only 104 years ago, there are many who grew up in Stuart and its neighboring communities. This social sponsored by the museum allows them to meet up with former classmates, neighbors, and co-workers to a remembrance of their younger years and share stories.

What a golden opportunity to learn more of the area’s history and events, from the people who lived it. Many of their adventures have been written down for the museum’s files as well as videos of them telling their stories and saved by the museum.  

This type of event is great for actually gathering of town people who may have known any of your ancestors. In any senior living centers in the county, there can also be many who grew up in the area and could also relate stories of the people and the town’s history.

If you live in the ancestral hometown, you can make the senior social a suggestion at a historical society or museum to allow local seniors to meet and share their stories.  

Photos: 1901 Stuart Heritage Museum; senior gatherings; and senior social.

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