Invitae Offers a Hybrid Approach to Genetic Testing

Invitae is a fast growing genetic information company that is based on San Francisco. Their mission is to bring comprehensive genetic information into mainstream medical practice to improve the quality of healthcare for billions of people.

There are two ways that a person can learn about their genetics. One way is to order a direct-to-consumer DNA test kit from a company that makes and sells them. The other way is to have a physician order a specific type of genetic testing for you based on your personal health issues.

Invitae offers a hybrid approach to genetic testing. Invitae says that easier patient access to medically actionable genetic testing is coming soon.

Invitae says: “We regularly hear about the roadblocks patients face when seeking out clinical-grade testing, such as high costs coupled with insurance barriers and restrictive, outdated testing guidelines that may prevent patients who need testing from receiving it.”

The company will soon offer a new way for patients to initiate a test for themselves, giving them access to genetic counselors and physicians who can place the order, and making it easier than ever before to get the information that they need from any of Invitae’s affordable, comprehensive genetic tests.

Invitae’s patient-initiated channel is currently in a limited-availability beta testing period, on track for broad availability soon. Those who want to be the first to hear more can sign up on the Invitae website.

Invitae provides three types of genetic tests:

* Genetic Diagnosis: Diagnose an inherited condition or understand unexplained symptoms

* Reproductive Health: Plan for a healthy pregnancy and learn how your genes could affect your future family

* Proactive Health Testing: Understand your health risks and focus on prevention

It is worth noting that Invatae does not provide DNA information that can be used to fill in a person’s family tree. These tests would be most beneficial for people who are in the process of creating a medical family tree.

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