Irish vs American-English Words / Phrases

Those with full Irish heritage may already familiar with many of the Irish words and terms and what they mean. However, there are individuals with less than full Irish blood that may have no idea what some common Irish terms mean.

Here are a few words and phrases used today in Ireland.

Runners — why they are the sneakers you use to walk or run in.sneakers

Hotpress — is the airing of a cupboard where household sheets and towels are stored, next to the boiler, making them warm / hot.

Gum boil / Mouth ulcer — this is what the Irish call a painful spot on your lips, tongue or gums. In USA it would be a canker sore.

Yoke— refers to an object of any description – what is called ‘a thing’ in America.

Jumper — this is something worn, better known as a sweater.

Chipper — is a ‘fast-food’ place where one can get chips (french fries), also fried fish or sausages.

Footpath — the Irish call this item a path for your feet. In America it is a sidewalk.

Boot — this one gets many Americans. The trunk of a person’s car is called the ‘boot’. So to open the trunk one would say ‘pop the boot.’

Ride — usually the Irish use this word to refer to an attractive person, male or female. Good to know so you know when you get a compliment.

Stuffed — this is similar to Americans, when you have had a full meal, you are ‘stuffed’.

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