Is DNA Testing Just a Fad?

DNA testing has become an intrinsic part of genealogy. It has become common for people to give their loved ones a DNA test as a gift.

Some people question whether they should take a DNA test because they are concerned that it is just a fad. There are many signs that DNA testing is going to be available to consumers who choose to use it for a very long time.

Big Companies Sell Their Own DNA Tests

Right now, you can purchase a DNA test from (AncestryDNA), 23andMe, MyHeritage, National Geographic, Living DNA and many more. Part of the reason why so many companies make, and sell, their own direct-to-consumer DNA test is because doing so is profitable. There is a huge market for DNA testing. There will always be someone new who wants to know the secrets that can be found in their genes.

DNA Tests Connect People with Relatives

The results of DNA testing can be used to connect two people who appear to be genetically related to each other – and who have never met. This can be very helpful for adoptees who are looking for their biological parents. Sometimes, birth certificates of adopted children are sealed in court and inaccessible.

In addition, a DNA test that provides health information could fill in some gaps for adoptees who have no knowledge about what medical conditions run in their biological family. The test results can also identify what part of the world their ancestors came from.

DNA Test Results Provide Additional Confirmation

DNA testing cannot, and should not, be used instead of genealogy research. But, the DNA test results can help confirm (or deny) the assumptions a genealogist has about how the people in their family tree are related to each other.

Ideally, the DNA test confirms the information on a genealogist’s family tree. It shows that they have correctly identified their ancestors and how they are related to one another. Or, it could identify a mistake. That’s a clue that a genealogist has more research to do.

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