Isle of Man Newspapers - 1792-1960

Such a rare opportunity while everyone is ‘stay-at-home’ – the full digital collection of the Isle of Man newspapers that cover 1792 to 1960 are now available FREE for everyone to do some research with. Part of the Manx National Heritage has suspended its regular subscription charge so everyone can use this opportunity to view these newspapers.

The Isle of Man is a self-governing British Crown dependency in the Irish Sea between England and Ireland with a present-day population of over 84,000.

It doesn’t mean you solely research any ancestors who may have lived on the Isle of Man for the last nearly 200 years. This collection covers all types of events locally, in the UK, the United States and the world.

So easy to search with, at the top right search box place the surname, event, date, location you are interested in as your keyword. Click ‘submit’. You have a full listing, numbers found near the top left before the thumbnail images appear.

Note it begins with articles in your search but you can switch to Pictures and ADS. As you view each thumbnail there is a date listed at the bottom of each square. Interested in one, click on it to call it up. At the bottom, it also will say if available additional items for your keyword ‘Click to get more results’.

Once you call a digital image up you move to the left or right and up and down to view all of the article. Use the lower right corner with your mouse to drag an arrow to enlarge the image also. If there is one you want to save to your computer, just right-click on it and save. Full date, the page number in the paper and the paper’s name are presented.

Another good item is that you can click in the upper-right tabs the term ‘text’ and it is converted to text from the original newspaper article image. Use the icons on the left side to email the article or print a copy.

Besides searching for any ties to your family tree this is a great resource for world events, the assassination of President Lincoln, Queen Victoria, Spanish-American War, Theodore Roosevelt, etc. Some 450,000 pages of newsprint are impressive and this is now a great time to investigate this source. Free for a limited time.

Photos: Briggs in 1938; Taylor in 1916; King Edward visiting Isle of Man in 1902; Kershaw AD in 1953.

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