Italian Surnames

If there is: Fabris, Panetta, Gardella, Zavaglia, Campioni, Matteri, Tarullo, or a thousand other various Italian surnames somewhere on your family tree, you will want to review the Italian Surnames Database. Here in alphabetical order are thousands of Italian family names from various provinces and regions across Italy. What is even better are the contract information for fellow researchers of those specific surnames.

Every province and region is covered, from Sicily, Catanzaro, Brognaturo,Rome, Casabona, Rovigo to Mammola and so many more. Other researchers working on specific surnames provide their name and email address, making it simple to contact these individuals. If you do not find a certain surname for a region, you can add your name and contact information to join the collection of researchers. The contacts are updated quite frequently so it can remain current.

One interesting item is the various spellings for certain names. This is good to review in case you were not aware of possible other spellings. Several of the fellow researchers have also provided a link (underlined with their name) to their own family web sites or other related sources to help with the research.

Going to the link titled Calabria Exchange – Italian Ancestors Genealogy Project is a wide range of other sources. From different locations in Italy are vital records of births-marriages and death records. There is a listing of churches with some of the church records listed (most which have been added by fellow researchers). Included is a collection of World War I deaths and causalities in certain Italian regions. Numerous family databases, trees, and information is also provided.

Offered is a community forum is assist people with specific questions on locating information. What can be shared with fellow researchers proves to be quite invaluable. They can offer suggestions of sources you would not have known about.

Photo: An Italian family arriving in America in 1905.

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