Items Not Collected Anymore

You just might have items handed down through the family that could be considered ‘collectibles’ – items today highly prized and could cost a collector some money if that person really wanted to add it to their collection. However, the collecting world does change over the decades. Something that was a valuable collectible in 1970 might be only worth 20% of that value today.

Then many of those less valued items end up in thrift stores. So thinking of holding on to some might not be the best idea.

So to give you an idea, here are some items that are not collected like they once were. BUT keep in mind, if it is a family heirloom, you might want to keep it to hand-down to descendants or do check with other family members, someone might want it.

There are two types of silver spoons. One is the baby spoons given at the christening of a child or for the first birthday, etc. Those you will want to keep. But another type of silver spoon was souvenir sterling silver spoons. Yes, on the many family trips or business trips, a family member picked up a spoon from a certain city or special exhibit. There were even special racks made so the souvenir spoons could be displayed. The value of such collectibles is now only in the scrap silver value and even that can be low.

A once popular collectible was porcelain figurines. These were small hand-painted trinkets of animals or babies or angels, all types of topics. They have not gone up in value. The only ones that might are some the original perfect condition early ones from a certain company.

In the 1990s Pez dispensers were very popular. There were many designs, with favorite cartoon or movie character faces. Nowadays they are not popular or valuable.

Also in the 1990s were Beanie Babies. They were small stuffed happy faces and only a few have much value today.

Collecting bells, especially souvenir bells, made of glass or porcelain. They don’t even have any scrap value. However, bells made before 1940 can be valuable, since fewer of those are around.

Even since the wedding of Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip, many collectibles of the royal English family have been done through the decades. These items are mugs, teacups, tins, plates with faces fo the royal family, sold in England to tourists. Unfortunately, the only valuable ones would be antique royal collectibles are of the wedding of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert from February 1840.

Photo: Souvenir sterling silver spoons

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