It's the Summer of 1925

Modern Priscilla-July 1925You now have the opportunity to step back in time to the summer of 1925. Not really but at least through the popular magazines of that year. Your mother-grandmother-great grandmother (plus aunts, fathers, uncles and cousins) would have had the opportunity if they were young adults, teens or older adults to read the articles and certainly look over the photos and illustrations in these very colorful magazines of the day.

There is a selection of 34 different popular magazines on the site, Newsstand: 1925, a virtual online opportunity to view these magazines, read the articles of the day and see the photos and illustrations. Remember your ancestors in 1925 did not television and radios were just barely getting started, but these pulp magazines were very popular.

Titles such as ‘Snappy’, ‘Physical Culture’, ‘Ranch Romances’, ‘Motion Picture’, ‘Theatre Magazine’, ‘Movie Weekly’, ‘Popular Radio’, “I Confess’, ‘Love Stores’ and ‘Science and Invention’; just to name a few. There are a few titles that might surprise you for 1925, but then it was the ‘roaring twenties’.

Most of the magazine examples you can click on to enlarge the cover and go through each page. Some of the magazines you can only view its table of contents and the cover, but more of the full view of a magazine are being done. There is a write-up description about each magazine including its years and circulation.

Modern Priscilla-July 1925-ADA favorite of many housewives of the 1920s was ‘Modern Priscilla’ which cost 20 cents at the newsstand and was $2.00 a year for a subscription. It covered fashions, handwork (crocheting patterns), recipes, latest household tools, etc. You might be surprised at some of the everyday products still in use today, nearly 90 years ago.

This site is an interesting way to experience 1925.

Photo: July 1925 Magazine ‘Modern Priscilla’ cover and fashions -featuring a dress for $2.75 or two for $5.


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