Japanese-American Confinement Camps of the 1940s

japanese-internment-camp-ColoFrom the University of California at Berkeley is available online a database of Japanese-American Evaluation and Resettlement that occurred in America during the early years of World War Two.

Many people are not truly aware of the events that happened to whole families who just happened to be Japanese ancestry, how they were forced to moved from their homes and resettle during the years of the war in another location. Most were sent to isolated places in Arizona, California, Idaho, Colorado, Arkansas, Wyoming, and Utah.  Japanese -Lange

This site is assist anyone wanting to learn more about this confinement camps and the people who were forced to live there. If you had ancestors of Japanese ancestry, this may have happened to them. Remember, if the individuals or family members had been in America for decades and numerous generations, born here, they were still considered a ‘threat’ because the United States was at war with Japan.  Japanese ancestry

The site will offer information on the camps, their locations and a time line of this event. The is a search tab at the top where you can then place a surname or key word to see if anything is available.

Most of the information is in the form of scanned documents, pamphlets, most in PDF format, which will take some time to download, but are easy to view. Approximately 100,000 scanned items are on the site.

So an interesting site for anyone.

Photos: Camp in Colorado, Dorothea Lange and family in 1942 and poster about relocation camps for those of Japanese ancestry.


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