Less Common Ancestry for Each State

imm-BhutanLess common heritage can turn out to be a major majority in certain American states. Over the years, groups of immigrates can tend to settle in specific territories which later became states. It is true even in more recent times, those of a certain ethnic heritage want to be with others of a similar background.

With the site, Most Unusual Ancestry in a State, you can examine any or all American states and see which ethnic groups is most unusual in a specific state. Some seem to follow a logical pattern, such as those coming from a bordering country like Mexico or Canada and other might surprise you. To cover all the states, all in alphabetical order, continue to each page or click on ‘next’.

imm-Bhutan-mapWho would guess at in the Southern state of Georgia, there are over 4,500 citizens who claim heritage from the southeast Asian Kingdom of Bhutan. Due to ethnic conflict in the late 1980s, Bhutanese refugees have been resettled around the United States in places like Atlanta. True, there are some of Bhutan heritage in New York, California, Pennsylvania, Indiana and Ohio, actually Georgia has the greater percentage.

Then there is Nebraska, with the highest percentage of people originally from the northeastern African nation of Sudan. Many of them immigrated in the 1990s due to problems in their native home. imm-sudan

So about 10 pages of states with information to review. It can be quite enlightening.

Photos: Bhutan and Sudan.

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