Lesser Used Records

org- dog licenseThink you searched every official document — well there just might be some other records you didn’t think to try.

First, your ancestor may have owned a dog and the hometown they lived in required a dog license. On that official form could be information (address and names) you didn’t know about.

Another overlooked resource are other census records besides the Federal census done every ten years since 1790. Numerous states, especially in the late 1800s and early 20th century did state censuses. There is one for Florida done in 1945, which puts it beyond the 1940 Federal census. Even better are local census that many counties or cities did at different times. Many of these city census records can provide names, dates of birth, occupations, veteran status and nationality. To find that information for a specific place, you may need to contact the city’s government, museums or historical societies.organ-masons

There have been for decades numerous civic, fraternal or social organizations; many which your ancestors may have been members. A very popular group were the Masons. Many people belonged to the Free Masons for men along with the female group Eastern Star. organ-eastern starAlso Woodmen of the World, Elks, Odd Fellows, Kiwanis and Moose organizations. Put a little research in the national headquarters for any records the organization might still hold on your ancestor.organ-WOW

Check the US National Archives for any State Department records of overseas trips your ancestors may have taken. That would offer about passports, consulate records, information on those who worked on ships that traveled oversees, and those who were missionaries in foreign countries.

So a few of the lesser known records you might want to search for on your family lineage.

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