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lifeposts-logoSometimes you need some help in setting up and writing the family stories. Enter the online site titled ‘LifePosts‘ whose mission is to help individuals create lasting and shareable written memories of a family branch, an individual, a milestone in a person’s life or a family event.

Starting with a simple family event such as a wedding, a birth, a job promotion, a new home, etc is the best method to get started. Not just such events from your family tree but do ones up of a family wedding from 25 years ago or the big family vacation from 40 years ago.

lifepost-familyThe LifePosts site provides the tools you need to achieve your family storytelling, not just with words but especially with the use of photos, documents, videos or voice narration. Plus it is set up so you don’t have to do everything in one seating. You can take it one step at a time.

Another good feature is that you can have collaboration – help from others to put it together, even if you are miles apart.

Once you have a family event, milestone or family history done, it can be shared with a number of social media sites (Facebook for example). Also, LifePosts has set up with a Network with publishers and organizations across the nation interested in printing such stories. Some are: Huffington Post, American Public Media,, Internet Archives and Dodge Foundation.

Magnifying glass on a white background

Magnifying glass on a white background

As LifePosts gets started, it is Free to build and preserve your stories. Later certain aspects will have a charge, but any created on the LifePosts early on will remain free.

So follow the instructions and take the first step of preserving your family heritage. Your ancestors are waiting for their story to be told.

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