Lineage Books 1890-1921

The Daughters of the American Revolution was formed in Oct. 1890 with the main requirement for membership that a lady has direct blood lineage to a ‘patriot’, an individual who either served in the military, militia, reserves or contributed in some form to assist the American patriots fighting the British between 1775 and 1783.

Its early membership formed lineage books, listings and family trees of established patriots and the descendants. If you had ever wondered if there was an American Revolutionary patriot in your family tree this is one method to investigate it. A member’s name and birth are provided, along with their parents’ names, spouse’s name, grandparents’ names, a lineage line and information and name of the actual patriot. Reviewing over such a lineage line you might spot an ancestor that links you to the patriot. It covers membership 1890 to 1921.

Using the search box, place the name of an ancestor born 1790s to 1880s, you don’t need to place a patriot. Anyone related to a patriot in those early lineage books will be listed. You can download the information. The site of the lineage books will ask you to sign in which can also be done using your Facebook page.

Photos: 1910 Lineage of those related to Conrad Sherman.

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