Lineage Societies

A great source for working on your family tree would be a Lineage Society. One of the most famous is the D.A.R. (Daughters of the American Revolution). There is one for Sons of the American Revolution. There are numerous societies all willing to assist you to find your lineage.

Some other examples include: Mayflower descendants, those who had family members in the Civil War, early American families, and those people who had several ancestors with the same profession such as doctor, blacksmith or circus performer.  

Use Cyndi’s List for names of societies and their lineage scope. Besides these national societies, you can check if any local chapters of these societies are in your hometown.

The ‘Miscellaneous’ category covers many varied ones. Examples included those descended from slaves, those with former US Presidents in their tree, or those who are descendants from Huguenots who emigrated from France before 1787. 

Check out these socialites and see what is available to you in your family history research.

Photos: D.A.R. organization; Huguenot Society; and Sons of Union Veterans.

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