List of Civil War Union Graves

Brophy markerWith April 2014, this marks 149 years since the end in 1865 of the American Civil War. Everyone in searching their family tree want to know if they had soldier ancestors who fought in the Civil War.

Now online is a database listing of Union (the North) soldiers who based on Union records were buried in military cemeteries, whether they died during the war or years later. The majority of the deaths listed happened between 1861 and 1903.

Information such as name, rank, military company and regiment are listed. The name of the cemetery, its location (state and county) along with any known information such a date of death. You will also see a contract date, that is when arrangements were made for an official headstone by the government to be placed at the grave. You will note many times it was years later.

To begin a search the surnames are in alphabetical order. The listing of names is in a range — from a certain name to another. When you are unsure of a specific spelling do check various spellings and other surname grouping before and after each set.

A few names listed died during the Spanish-American War in the 1890s.

Not every soldier on the Union side in the Civil War is listed. There are still more records to get online. Plus if the family placed their own headstone and made no request for a government marker, their name would not be on the list.

It is an interesting list to check just for surnames, especially if you are looking at the less common names.

Photo: The headstone for Michael Brophy, a seaman, died Jan. 6, 1902 Illinois.


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