List of Pastors and Ministers

What a great resource, a listing and information of pastors and ministers in the United States over the decades. With presently a listing online of 92,104 individuals, there are many to investigate. Not all pastors and ministers listed but quite a few for sure.

The listing starts in letter order by surnames, but you can also do a search using specific surnames, dates, states / counties. For example, placing the county of Frederick in MD solely produced 423 names of pastors and ministers in Frederick County. Now some names repeated, only because that pastor served at different times in other churches. 

Many sources of print books were used to compile the listings. Using the search for names or locations give you a wider chance of locating either an ancestor or the minister for your family in their hometown. Most the sources provide information, but not too many photos.  They can be downloaded. 

Photos: Methodist church of Monson, Mass; Page from 1898 The ministerial directory of the ministers in “The Presbyterian church in the United States” (Southern), and in “The Presbyterian church in the United States of America”; and Jasper Methodist of Arkansas.

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