Living DNA Family Networks is Unique

Living DNA has created a unique feature called Family Networks. It is a DNA-driven family tree reconstruction and matching method that takes the guesswork out of DNA relationships. Family Networks was first previewed at RootsTech 2018.

Living DNA is a collaboration of over 100 world-leading scientists, academic researchers and genetic experts from across the globe with the purpose of bringing cutting edge DNA technology to the world. The team is lead by DNA Worldwide Group, a leading DNA testing firm.

The Living DNA ancestry DNA kit comes with step-by-step instructions on how to use a mouth swab to collect your DNA. Send the sample back to the lab for the testing, and Living DNA will deliver your results online with the option to request a printed version as well. Their 3-in-1 DNA test offers three tests for roughly the same price that most competing companies charge for only one test.

LivingDNA’s Family Networks does not require prior user-generated family research. Instead, Living DNA’s family reconstruction tree method is based solely on users’ DNA, gender, and age. Unlike competing organizations, Living DNA’s Family Networks will provide the most precise matching service on the market by analyzing a user’s unique motherline and fatherline DNA data (mtDNA and YDNA), on top of the family ancestry line (autosomal).

Users need only to provide their gender and birthdate for Living DNA to build a family tree that shows where their matches fit into their family tree, with no need for Gedcom files or any other user input. This can be especially useful for adoptees and family searchers who are trying to locate long-lost family members but who don’t have any information on their biological family. Living DNA can translate their matches into a potential family tree, giving them a clearer place to start from.

Family Networks went into private beta for Q1 of 2018 (January, February and March). Open beta will begin in Q3 (October, November, and December). The Open beta will make Family Networks available to all existing and new Living DNA users.

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