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If you had not considered becoming a member of your local genealogical society, make a point to do so in the new year 2018. There are so many advantages and things to learn.

First, you will be sharing and talking with people who share you common interest in family history. They may not share you family lineage but they have been there in searching their own family and have learned the dos and don’ts. Members are very interested in sharing what has worked for them in trying to solve those harder to locate ancestors.

Next, genealogical societies make a point of keeping and updating their stock of reference material, databases, books, maps and most anything to help all researchers. They don’t just have material for ancestors in the local area but rather from many states and countries. So you can live in Georgia and get advice and assistance on ancestors from New York.

Members are also kept informed of the latest databases and software programs to assist the researcher. If interested that includes attending any regional, state or national genealogical conferences where a great deal can be learned to help with your research.

Finding your local genealogical society can start with viewing the online site by the FGS (Federation of Genealogical Societies). Just do a search by state and view the listing that follows to locate a hometown county or city with such a society that you could visit.

For the local area where a genealogical society is located, they create many of their own databases. For example, they may have a full listing of all burials (names and dates) in the cemeteries in that community. Others have an index of names and locations for all newspaper print obituaries in that city. What a treasure that can be if you have not located a relative’s obituary.  

Yes, many advantages to being a member of a local genealogical society. Many openly welcome non-members and help them with their family research. Find your local society and use this valuable resource in January 2018.

Photos: Family Research, FGS, and the Jackson County Genealogy Library has an extensive collection of birth, marriage, and death records; family histories, books, bulletins, and cemetery records.

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