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As you work on your family tree, you might wonder what specific information should you search for. Yes, the basics of each individual’s full names are important as well as birth-marriage and death dates. Hand in hand is also the location for those events of BMD. However, include where a relative lived during different time periods of their life. Researching totally every national or state census will be a big assistance for where an ancestor lived. Do check city directories (which include counties) to find where a relative lived in between the decade old censuses. 

Other important information includes an ancestors occupations. Usually, it will be just one occupation the same they had for decades, but maybe not. They could have changed in their thirties.

See what you can locate on any religious institutions they attended or were members of. Once identified, check to see what records a hometown church or parish has on your family.

Fraternity or civic groups, clubs and organizations can be a gold mine of information. Did a relative belong to the local woman’s club, the Kiwanis, the Masonic Lodge, Odd Fellows, Woodmen of the World, Garden Club, etc. Many of these groups keep great records of members and some even have a wealth of vintage photos.

If an ancestor or a whole family lived for years in a specific hometown or county, check with that location and see if they have a historical museum or a genealogical society. Such organizations especially a historical museum will have documents, photos and records on many of its town’s citizens. Many are listed on the Internet to which you can call them or write with an inquiry. The family might have owned a business in town, again the museum is a good location to seek such information. 

Photos: Auto Assembly Line in 1920s; Telephone Operators in 1915; farmers in 1890 and window cleaners in 1917.

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