Locating Distant Ancestors - 3rd and 4th greats

branches-treeIf you have information on your third and even fourth great-grandparents who were born well over 110 years ago, you may just be able to find some ancestors who are missing from your family tree. Examine the families who descend from your third and fourth great-grandparents to begin a search for children in these families. You could find some information on distant aunts, uncles, cousins or a spouse of one of your blood relatives. Even if they aren’t direct-line ancestors, conducting a descendant search on your family can be an effective way to create a stronger and more compelling family tree.

So how do you locate some of these distant relatives? Every obituary you have, go back over each again and make note of all names and if there is a relation, such as sister-in-law, etc. Check those names and relationships against what you already have in your family databank. If not there, add that name and what is known to your ‘to do list’.  branches-cousins

Do the same type of search and comparison with other names on any death certificates, birth certificates, witnesses on a marriage license and especially completely cover all names listed in the family Bible recording pages.

Going through these sources will also help locate some elusive female maiden names. Remember, the females’ maiden surnames is a whole other major branch of your family tree. Some of those branches could produce some extraordinary stories about some family individuals.

brancehs-auntsThere could some of those branches which can be linked to famous historical individuals also that you were not aware of. Even present-day celebrities might be found. I found by tracing a great grand uncle and then locating the names and dates of his descendants, there was a distant cousin who is today a famous television producer of current major well-known shows.

Again, not just the main lineage branches, but all the other family branches are very important and in a way also help identify you are today.  branches-uncle

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