Location of Hangings of the 1692 Victims Accursed as Witches

witch-BidgetIt has been recently confirmed through careful research of the exact location back in 1692 where a number of local Salem citizens were sentenced as witches (males and females), some hung and others sent to prison. Their trials were held in February 1692 and the hangings done in the summer months. The hanging site, known as Proctor’s Ledge, is a small, city-owned plot of woods between two residential streets and behind a Walgreens pharmacy. The spot was originally identified a hundred years ago by Sidney Perley, a historian, by using historical documents. Over the last five years using modern techniques, the site has been proved.

For many of the females their maiden names are included on this list with the (nee) written before the maiden name.

witch-John ProctorLook over the list and see if there are any familiar family surnames, any of which would be interesting to investigate.

Nineteen accused witches / wizards (males) were hanged on Proctor's Ledge in 1692 between June and August:

June 10 - Bridget née Playfer Bishop
July 19 - Rebecca née Towne Nurse, Sarah formerly Poole, née Solart Good, Susannah nee North Martin, Elizabeth nee Jackson Howe, and Sarah née Averill Wildes
August 19 - George Burroughs, Martha née Allen Carrier, John Willard, George Jacobs, Sr. and John Proctor
September 22 - Martha Corey, Mary née Towne Eastey, Ann Pudeator, Alice née Ayer Parker, Mary Parker, Wilmott Redd, Margaret Scott and Samuel Wardwell

One accused wizard, was pressed to death on September 19 when he failed to plead guilty or not guilty: Giles Corey

Other accused witches died in prison:

Sarah nee Warden Osborn, Roger Toothaker (he was tortured in prison), Lyndia Dustin and Ann née Alcock Foster
(As many as thirteen others may have died in prison.)

Sarah Good gave birth to a daughter, Mercy before her execution on July 19th. The baby girl also died in prison.

Escaped prison: Mary née Perkins Bradbury

Photos: Illustrations of the June 10th hanging of Bridget Bishop and hanging on August 19th of John Proctor.

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