Lorain County, Ohio Births and Deaths

Your luck day if your have ancestors from Lorain County in the state of Ohio. This location at the northern end of the state borders Lake Erie and is very close to the city of Cleveland. So you may have ancestors who were born or died in Lorain County and you always thought it was strictly in Cleveland. Lorain’s population in the 1870s was about 30,000 and by 1900 it was nearly 55,000 citizens. One of the long standing colleges there is Oberlin Collage.

The county has placed online a full listing of births and deaths from the probate court records of Lorain. These original scanned records run from 1867 to 1908, over 40 years worth.

They are divided by time periods and done in a PDF format. Just click on ‘View’ for a time range such as 1867 to 1887 selecting birth or death records. Being PDF files they will load, which will take a moment or two and then each starts with the records first page. They are arranged in alphabetical orders, with those surnames A’s first. Just scroll down to find the surname you are interested in. There is no search box.

The person’s full name is written then the full date (birth or death). In births the parents’ residence is provided. In the death records the date it was recorded, the actual death date, the full name of the decease, their full age (months, days, years), then where they died and where they were born. The person’s occupation is listed, the cause of their death, if known their parents’ names, the person’s home residence and who made the death report. The death records actually cover two pages. That can be some valuable information.

Photo: Courthouse for Lorain Co., Ohio, about 1900. The area is known for where the sewing machine got a patent, the term hamburger was coined, the development of a padded bicycle seat, the colored golf ball, the single headlighted car and where the rubber heel was invented.

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