Lost of Christmas Letters

With the various social media available (email, Facebook, etc), the long-time tradition of writing and sending Holiday letters telling of the family events for the last year will soon be just a memory and ancient history to others.

For future family historians, they will not have for traditional annual letters which could fill in missing information. Many were not just a letter but a full documentation of what happened to individuals in the family.

But in 2018 less are written, they are shorter the ones done and very few under the age of 40 years ago do it in any form. Even sending a full letter as an email is rarely done. There just might be only an emoji wishing everyone on their Facebook friends and family list ‘A Merry Christmas’ – no details. That is because all year long, there has been postings on Facebook or Twitter of what has been happening in the family – a vacation, an illness, a move, a new job, etc. People don’t feel it has to be covered again. 

But having in print a collection of those happenings in the form of a hard copy letter can be preserved for the future generations. Those emoji symbols and Facebook pages will not be available in 20 year plus years. True, using the computer to type up the year’s events has made it easier than hand writing each letter.

So try to keep a long-time tradition alive, write that print letter, send alone or with a Christmas card. It is worthy of doing. Here is an online site to provide some assistance and ideas for writing that Christmas letter. 

Photos: Template for Christmas letter and emoji characters.

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