Maine's State Archives

The state in the far northeast corner of the United States is Maine. It joined the United States on March 15, 1820, when there were about 298,000 citizens, so there is a long history. Its population in 2019 was about 1.3 million. If you had any ancestors, even branches to your family who lived any number of years in Maine, you will want to check out what is available with Maine’s State Archives.

There is Maine’s digital collection which you can access online at home. Included are those soldiers from 1899-1909 who served in the 1st Maine Infantry. Any ancestors serve in the Maine Legislature, for any time frame, there are digital records. This includes those who served in state and county offices.

There are many more digital records covering different topics that should be investigated.

Also, the Digital Maine Repository with the Maine State Archives has quite a collection. For example, if you had an ancestor who served from Maine during World War One, there are several rosters during that time of names. There is a record of deaths of soldiers during World War One (1917-1919). Examine there also the ‘Community Collections’ with scans and photos from different areas in Maine.

Photo: State of Maine Seal. ‘Dirigo’ means “I Direct”

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