Make a Neat Gallery of Words / Names

Hand-Tagxedo A fun activity you can do by yourself or with the family is a gallery in different shapes and sizes all containing a collection of names, words, events, etc — whatever you select. The online site Tagxedo helps you create an interesting design and you put what you want in it. You can select different fonts and colors.

Experiment with it. Start with ‘create’ then click on ‘load’. There you can put in the words you want. No commas or periods need. Just list and list. Then press ‘submit’ and your words take on a life of their own in various sizes.


Go down the list of variations to change items — experiment. It takes a moment or two to make the changes then click the ‘X’ at the top of the box where you made changes and see your creation. Don’t like it or needs more, make the change — easy to work.

Once you have a finished creation, go to the save button on the top left and save it to your computer. What is good – you get a selection of sizes – especially if you want a good size. The 500 KB is a good average size.


The shapes to select from under options is quite a variety. Yet you can also place your own shapes from any clip art you might have.

These designs, which are endless, can be added to a family web page (they are in jpeg format) or attached to an email message and printed and added to the family scrapbook.

Use your imagination and have fun with this on Tagxedo site!!


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