Make a Short Video from Photos

VideoIt is great to create a story of an ancestor or of a specific family branch. Using the ‘‘ online software, you can do it easily. Use family photos to make a short video on any person, event or subject can be quite creative and fun.

The ‘Spark.Abode‘ site can assist you all the way, helping to add special graphics, creating a web site, or adding animation. It can be done on your regular desktop computer, a laptop, a tablet or your smart phone. There is a selection of different themes providing a background for any photos or text you create. Besides written text for this video you can add short voice information. You just speak into your mic on the computer or tablet and that is then embedded into the video.

What you create can be of some person or event that took place decade ago or as recent as the family wedding you attended last weekend. It offers different types of categories. You can create an account with a Facebook or Google account you may already have.

After placing what your basic idea is to create, it can offer templates to follow that path. Also, there are different music selections to add as background music. Each section or panel with text, photos, voice narration you can make between 2 seconds up to 10 seconds in length. Most of the videos you complete will be overall short, such as one minute and half to 2 minutes in length.

After reviewing and editing everything, you review and then save the file. You can share it on Facebook (instructions provided) or just download the file to your computer so you can see it at anytime or send as an attachment on emails to friends and family.

So overall, a fairly easy software program. It may take a couple attempts but quickly you will learn it. There are videos on the site you can view which provide instructions.

The link here is one created using ‘Spark.Abode‘ about a recent Memorial Day dedication plaque and monument to a local fallen military hero (length 1:09).

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